Arvida the Lonely

Svirfneblin outcast


Svirfneblin seem more like creatures of stone than flesh. Their leathery skin is usually a gray, brown, or dun hue that acts as a natural camouflage with the rock around them.

Female svirfneblin have full heads of hair, and they usually tie their hair back in braids or cut it short to keep it from getting in their way as they work.
Svirfneblin are well adapted for their subterranean existence. They have excellent darkvision, and many of them have magical talents that rival the innate spellcasting of the drow and duergar. They are surprisingly strong for their size, enduring toil and danger that would overwhelm most other people.


Arvida is an outcast of Blingdenstone. Having been a criminal all her life, stealing always came natural for her. Although in later years, for yet unknown reasons, stealing stuff has become more of a thing than ever before for Arvida – laying hands on almost anything she can get her hands on.

This “thing” eventually led to her being cast out of Blingdenstone by Chief Dorbo Diggermattock.

Arvida the Lonely

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