Siqy's Diary, Entry 2

1486 FR. Date: ???

I don’t know how long we have been stuck down here, I can’t even tell if it’s day or night anymore…
Things down here are getting worse all the time and I don’t think we can do much about it,
The things we have seen down here are enough to drive any man insane.

First we witnessed Demogorgon himself rise from the depths of the Darklake and destroy a large part of Sloobludop in a single blow, and when we got to Neverlight grove, a myconid community, more than half of the myconids there had fallen under the influence of some monstrosity they called “the lady”…

We are now in the svirfneblin town of Blingdenstone and the situation here seems to be just as bad, many of the city’s districts have been overtaken by monsters.
Yesterday we went into the part of town called “the pudding court” on a scouting mission, what we witnessed in there can only be described as pure madness, someone or something is attracting all of the slimes and oozes down here, why? I have no idea…

As for me and my companions,
Rein continues to guide and teach me in the ways of Ehlonna and I try to live up to his example.
Kito is his usual mysterious self but he seems to be a good guy so i have decided to trust him.
Melfen has been acting stranger than usual lately, if he continues to degrade like this he may very well become a danger to the rest of us, if that happens I may have to do something about him, I did it with Sarith and I can do it again…
May Ehlonna forgive me if it comes to that.

I recently got some alchemy supplies from Kito and I have been wanting to try them out, I’m sure the group would benefit from having an alchemist.
It seems like we will be resting here for a few days so this may be the perfect opportunity to start my studies of the alchemical arts, I’ll try to find a local alchemist to teach me the basics and then work my way up from there.

Siqy's Diary, Entry 2

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